Character of Seaford and Newhaven has been erased by development

During the past 30 years both Lewes District and East Sussex Councils have been successful in erasing the character of Seaford and Newhaven.

The destruction of Newhaven commenced with the alteration of the road system and over the years this has been compounded with various building/nonbuilding, with the final accolade of installing, within the smallest town along the south coast, an incinerator for disposing of waste from Lewes, Brighton, Hove and other towns along the coast. No one considered the adverse effect these may have had on residents. The most important aspect was for Lewes, Brighton and Hove to remain pristine and protected.

Similarly Seaford. Once Seaford had splendid Victorian and Edwardian houses giving it a distinctive character but many have been destroyed to be replaced with, characterless ugly, squared boxed structures: such as the many floored retirement flats currently being erected on the corner of Dane Road, and of course the new structured library.

Both these buildings in my opinion could be mistaken for Prison(s).

On that basis, Marine Parade is a collection of soulless buildings (with the exception of Bishopstone end) and this bleakness continues throughout the town.

While we are aware that re-build must continue, why should this not be done with sensitivity and style?

Why can’t planners consider the adverse affect these structures will have on the residents?

Their role is not just to organise building for a community but also to consider other aspects such as social impact and feelings of pride and respect for the community. Sadly, this has been erased to satisfy the needs of Lewes, Brighton, Hove and the Developers etc.

What hope for the future!

Eve Taylor

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