Cheer on half marathon runners

Once again the Lions Club of Hastings would ask for your support and forbearance for this year’s Hastings Half Marathon on Sunday (March 22) for the 31st running of the event.

The spectators of Hastings are second to none, and runners so enjoy the fantastic support around the route, that has made you famous.

Please turn out in your thousands to support the runners, of which the majority are raising funds for their own special charities and needy causes. And stay as long as you can to support the slower participants please. They need you.

There is entertainment along the route for you also to enjoy:

* Start/finish area 1066 Pipes and Drums

* Filsham Road, St Ethelburga’s Choir

* Napier Road/Queensway, the band Mania is playing

* Hastings Premier Travel, The Harrow - disco.

* Kings Church, The Ridge - Kings Church support.

* Scollays, half way on The Ridge - the band The Kytes is playing

* Hurst Court Care Home/St Helens Church music

* Rock-a-Nore, Dende drum band

* Azur, the band No Exit is playing

We also appreciate, and ask for your understanding, about using your vehicles during the race. Please avoid the times between 10.15am and 1.30pm on the route. Travel before or after please. Let any visitors know what is happening and remember that the A21 and Battle Road are not affected, and you can move around within the town. Access to the rear of the Conquest Hospital during this time can be made via Little Ridge Avenue.

Please come and enjoy yourselves for the biggest free show in town.

Details of route and other information can be found on our website

Eric Hardwick, MBE

Race director

Hastings Half Marathon.