Chinese lanterns should be banned

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the article in Sussex Express (Friday, June 10, ‘Warning on menace of Chinese lanterns’) is one which The Friends of Tide Mills very much endorses – the National Farmers Union and the Chief Fire Officers Association quite rightly are concerned about the release of Chinese lanterns across our countryside, for the clearly stated reasons of animal welfare and the risk of fire.

From our experience, these lanterns and balloons in general are proven to be hazardous to all wildlife, both on land and at sea.

Just recently we found a kittiwake dead on the beach at Tide Mills with a balloon string around its throat.

We do think now is the time – given the increasing use of balloon releases to celebrate all kinds of events that perhaps we didn’t see previously – for our local Government representatives to seriously consider banning these releases from any of its sites, as indeed other local authorities already have.

Jim Skinner, chairman of the Friends of Tide Mills