Church wall lasted a mere six years

Readers with long memories may recall the saga of Hellingly Church wall, which flanks the churchyard and Church Lane.

It is now more than six years since it was first knocked down by Wealden District Council, as apparently it posed a danger, although to whom or what was never revealed, and re-built using totally inappropriate bricks and worse than useless mortar.

In August 2011, the work was, after endless delays, and despite the shoddy workmanship, pronounced as being complete.

Or, as the council’s chief executive boasted at the time, “..the re-construction had been properly planned and professionally conducted”.

Except, just two years on, residents have been informed that because the state of the wall is now so bad, the top three courses and the coping are to be removed and replaced.

Renewed road closures and increased costs are inevitable. The last round of works, which stretched over four years, were conservatively estimated at over £250,000.

And who pays? The local taxpayer, of course. And who is in charge of the works? The same property surveyor, of course, who oversaw the previous job.

If ever an example was required of Wealden Council’s abject failure to get its act together, the saga of Hellingly’s church wall surely provides it!

Roger Paine