Cinema plan - traffic argument has no validity

In response to the Lewes Town Council’s comment, their traffic comment is not valid.

The previous use of the site as a distribution depot, as Royal Mail and then a drinks distribution depot amply demonstrates that the access was, and is, capable of taking many large vehicles to and from the site on a regular basis.

Also, in percentage terms, the demand in comparison with the huge railway car park, will be small. The fact that the large car park operates very well indeed is also evidence that car movements or access is not a reasonable objection.

As to the parish objection to existing cinemas, surely there is a conflict of interest here.

The fact that a parish council is dabbling in a commercial enterprise underpinned with council tax payers’ money, should not allow them the luxury of objection.

I support fully this application. At last, a fully funded arts provision for the town, well designed with a long term vision.

Paul Myles