Claim that Tories are rudderless is groundless

Having read Edward Board’s letter explaining why he resigned from the Conservative Party, I am left wondering whether they will notice he has gone.

As a serving Polegate Residents’ Association (PRA) councillor, I reflect on all the Polegate Town Council (PTC) meetings and events I have attended since Edward was elected in May 2011 and I cannot honestly remember seeing him at many of them.

My colleagues and I take particular exception to being called “rudderless”.

We remain focused and committed to the enhancement of Polegate and improvement of services to its residents and businesses.

Of course we are keen to get re-elected – how else can we ensure the views of the voting public will be taken into account without interference from a party whip – but surely if he too feels passionately about doing the right thing for the people of Polegate, the place to

start is within the town council, rather than criticizing it as if he were an outsider.

With regard to the comment that we have been unable to resist proposed development, PRA councillors went out on a limb to object to the Pelham Homes development at Honey Farm.

We consider our contribution in persuading Wealden District Council (WDC) to do a U-turn on the site and the subsequent success after a public inquiry nothing short of a monumental

victory for David over Goliath.

More recently our Planning Committee has put up strong arguments against the Shepham Wind Farm, which was refused permission by WDC despite being reduced from five to three turbines.

Similarly we listened to residents’ concerns about access to a proposed new site behind Greenleaf Gardens and recommended refusal.

Conversely, we supported both the Bluebells and Mill developments, which have proved themselves to be popular and unobtrusive additions to our housing stock. PRA councillors have also taken the lead in the Dickensian Christmas event, the fight to save our High Street toilets and the signal box.

While I empathise with the circumstances which caused him to leave the Conservatives, perhaps Edward is confusing our being rudderless with the fact that he is up a creek without a paddle?

Cllr Jill Voyce

On behalf of the Polegate Residents’ Association