Climate change - adding another string to his bow?

Brian Beck is of course a frequent contributor to your columns, having over the years regaled us with his expertise on housing, education (including language use, as I recall), engineering, energy policy, and not least climate change, or global warming as he prefers to call it. His most recent letter (22 November) adds political theory (as well as Antarctic trekking) to this growing list.

Most MPs, says Mr Beck, including the PM and local MPs Norman Baker and Caroline Lucas, are ‘technically ignorant’, and therefore not in a position to pass judgement on the case for global warming.

Who then is, one wonders? Clearly not scientists since the vast majority of them (many perhaps unqualified, according to Mr Beck) have accepted results (I won’t call them opinions) which contradict Mr Beck’s cherished beliefs.

I’m afraid we’ll just have to rely on the energy companies who dismiss all this nonsense about renewables.

I wonder why powerful billionaires like the Koch brothers in the USA bother to bankroll global warming sceptics when there are plenty of people out there willing to make their case for them, for free.

Ralph Grillo