Climate change - Disappointed in our MPs

Given the urgent need to tackle climate change, curb fuel bills, and bring new skilled jobs to East Sussex, I was disappointed that local MPs Greg Barker (Bexhill and Battle) and Stephen Lloyd (Eastbourne) did not vote in favour of including a clean power target in the Government’s Energy Bill earlier this month.

The Government’s independent advisers say that a target to take fossil fuels out of our electricity by 2030 is the cheapest way for the UK to meet its legally-binding commitments to tackle climate change.

A clean power target is also a huge opportunity to boost our stalling economy. More than 100 UK businesses say it will provide the certainty they need to invest in green industries, which could bring new jobs to East Sussex.

Without the target, Britain faces a headlong dash for gas, which would send household fuel bills soaring and see jobs lost overseas. Both MPs must explain their actions to their constituents.

Although narrowly defeated, it was good to see that many of their coalition colleagues did stand up for the right thing.

I urge them to reconsider the issue before further votes in Parliament at the end of the year.

Andrew Durling

Co-ordinator, Eastbourne & District Friends of the Earth, Westham