Climate change - there’s been no temperature rise since 1998

May I point out to Cllr Bradshaw that the headline “preposterous” was not mine but the paper’s. My suggestion was “cloud cuckoo land”, the concepts that I highlighted were possibly in the well used category of scare mongering.

If the paper could provide a conceptual artist I could show how the Cliffe Bridge could be structured to reduce the effects of flash flooding as experienced in 2000.

My reference to the IPCC reports was to point out that global warming is the perceived threat and the track record of that body isn’t that good, it is also worth noting that the authors of the 5th report have not mentioned the fact that despite increasing levels of CO2 there has been no global temperature increase since 1998.

On topical matters:

Increased gas and electricity costs – the main driver is the combined effect of all of the decisions by our UK and European rulers, past and present, to combat global warming.

Believers have to accept it and sceptics also. These include high subsidies to renewables in particular the inefficient wind farms and the commitment to build even more, the effect on the national grid, carbon taxes, closure of coal fired power stations and not building new ones and the reluctance to build efficient gas fired stations.

Berwick Solar Farm – This will not supply power to 2,300 homes. What it is calculated to provide over the course of a year (24x365 hours) is power equivalent to the needs of 2,300 homes which is a totally different thing.

It will also provide its owner with a nice yearly income through subsidy which will be paid via electricity bills.

Brian Beck