Coastal Futures Group chairman urges halting of coastal project

As chair of the CC2150 Coastal Futures Group, Cllr Chris Bradshaw (October 18) admits that the group ‘does not consider itself experts on climate change’ but nonetheless Cllr Bradshaw appears content to promote potentially huge public expenditure while not understanding the science.

The problem is that the whole project could be flawed because it assumes that long term climate change is a fact and therefore proved to be an issue warranting enormous investment of precious resources.

Climate change is not a fact and long-term climate change might equally well be fiction rather than a reality particularly as the scaremongers tend to be those with vested interests (some powerful politicians, companies and unscrupulous scientists who should know better) persuading the rest of us, like Cllr Bradshaw, who can believe only what we are told. We do not have access to the raw data and even if we had we are not equipped to analyse it and determine the true facts for ourselves.

A little like the so-called unequivocal data that Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons which led us all like lemmings to agree to go to war in Iraq because we believed what we were told by so-called experts.

Vis à vis climate change, the truth could be that the warming pendulum has begun to swing back to ‘cold’ again as major climate research centres accept there has been no significant warming in the past 15 years and last year alone saw a 29 percent (553,000 square mile) increase in the amount of ocean covered by ice so that the North West Passage once again was blocked by ice. It seems that the IPCC is once more having to reanalyse its ‘warming data’ to get a statistically valid ‘warming’ result.

Until the climate change data can be verified, I would urge the decision to progress with the Coastal Communities 2150 project is put on hold.

Most of us can only believe what we are told and there is sufficient concern regarding the credibility of reports and those promulgating them to delay spending large sums of money on a project which could well be based on suspect data.

Cllr Dr Alan Latham