Community Land Trust would work

Regards to the living rent debate, I congratulate David Gibson on getting Brighton City Council to debate the issue. Some landlords are saying houses cost so much and they need a return on their investment.

Point one is that they don’t have to pay so much for them in the first place.

Point two – many of them didn’t pay much in the first place. I can remember houses being bought for£25,000 that are now worth £150,000 and they are getting £800 a month rent for them.

I give you some point for consideration.

Should we consider nearly 3 million unemployed as an achievement. Technology has reduced the need for labour, we should not have people doing nothing while others work and keep them unemployed, job sharing would be the answer especially for the older age group, but one can’t job share with an economy that sets the higher rate as the going rate, especially regarding rents and mortgages, resulting in debt, family breakdown, mental depression, and leading to dementia. Is it right to expect someone to get paid £6.50 an hour then tell them to pay £800 a month in rent or mortgage?

Technology, we are not taking the advantage of our technology. Supermarkets are having self-service checkouts, and there are driver-less trains and pilotless planes. We have recently introduced a dairy herd where the cows milk themselves. (That’s to say fully automated.)

We should be creating a county Land Community Trust. The plan would be to rent the land for about £1,000 an area or have a 50 year lease paid up front, this being five times one’s gain from agriculture income, without risk.

In the event the owners did not accept the rental a compulsory purchase order would come into play.

We are spending £20 billion a year on housing benefits, this capital would build all the homes we need.

Repossessions will be rife once interest rates go up.

We can stop this by campaigning for the Community Land Trust vision, where we employ the developers to build what is needed not what they tell us what we are going to get. Please visit and we can arrange to meet up before the bulldozers destroy the green fields of Sussex.

Cllr Laurence Keeley