Commuters only will benefit from A27 improvements

No doubt money needs to be spent on the A27 to iron out bottlenecks (which include the Falmer turn-off west of Lewes).

But £75m to reduce blockages only for commuters is criminal at a time when so many deserving people don’t even have a secure roof over their heads at a price they can afford.

£75m is more than the total annual budget of Lewes District Council.

I have often driven the A27 between Brighton and Eastbourne. I have never known it blocked except during rush hours. There is an adequate train service: why not try to get more people to take that? For example, provide more parking spaces for £1 per day with season tickets at stations along the line? A season ticket from Brighton to Eastbourne and back costs about £10 a day; from Lewes to Polegate return it’s about £5.

Has a survey been done over, say, a busy week, outside the holiday season, of drivers at congested times going to and from? I suggest that every single car should be stopped during congested periods for one week and their origin and destination polled without their car registration details being logged as well.

Given that the Conservatives seem determined that limited capital resources are to be spent on car-owners, maybe £50m could be redirected to other road capital projects (such as a cliff-foot concrete walkway at Telscombe to stop the A259 there being eroded into the sea).

Mary Campbell