Conforming with residents’ interests over development plan

With regard to the Ringmer Neighbourhood development plan, it is difficult to know where Martin Weld (Letters, October 10) gets his figures for the number of houses allocated in Ringmer Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The plan is on Ringmer Parish and Lewes District websites so there should be no confusion. The total proposed up to 2030 is 240 dwellings which is consistent with the LDC Core Strategy allocation of 220 not the 345 alleged by Mr Weld.

Ringmer Parish Council has produced an outstanding plan which has been the subject of several public meetings and met with widespread local support.

In particular the plan stipulates that, contrary to Mr Weld’s assertion, no significant development should take place until the infrastructure – roads, schools and foul drainage - are sufficient.

Far from destroying the village, the plan seeks to control development in the interests of local people and prevent Ringmer becoming a small town.

It should be supported at the coming referendum.

Sy Morse-Brown