Congratulations to all who fought

SO there we have it – the Hickstead site has been removed from West Sussex council’s ill-conceived plan, congratulations to all the people who fought to preserve our countryside and the councillors who opposed the plan and we hope this group will band together on the Goddard’s Green site in opposition.

Goddard’s Green is just a short distance away and many of the arguments used at Hickstead apply to Goddard’s Green, in my view.

We therefore expect our representatives in West Sussex council to protect Burgess Hill and surrounding towns from this potential blot on our countryside.

Burgess Hill’s population of around 30,000 has a large waste disposal site and a sewage works and I believe these sites indicate that we are already providing considerable facilities for Mid Sussex, this combined with the fact that there is a large school and a leisure centre nearby, the resulting pollution and extra traffic makes no sense.

As we have previously stated this proposed unit is an industrial unit and there must be room on an industrial site located and designed for this purpose somewhere in West Sussex.

The considerable demise of manufacturing in the south demands further investigation and I call on West Sussex to exclude Goddard’s Green from the plan.

D. W. Hinkley,

Chanctonbury NHW and Community Association,

Chanctonbury Road,

Burgess Hill