Consideration is key on seafront

As a non-cyclist I support the proposal to allow cycling on Seaford Promenade. It is one of the few areas in Seaford that provides a long, flat and safe location for cycling.

The main concern raised by those opposed to the proposal is about cyclists knocking down the elderly, very young and this is a valid concern, but any shared-use area has to have rules and everyone – pedestrian or cyclist – must have consideration for each other.

I would imagine the majority of cyclists will act in accordance with the rules and actively encourage others to do so. But of course there is that small minority of cyclists who have no consideration and abuse the rules.

These are the same minority who will ride on the promenade regardless of whether cycling is allowed or not, so denying the majority to try and stop the minority isn’t going to work.

It’s all too easy to say all cyclists are bad but as a driver and pedestrian I have to say that it’s not the mode of transport that is at fault but rather a type of person who has no consideration of others. Cycling is not an anti-social activity and should be positively encouraged – it’s good for the health, the environment and who knows, we might have a future Olympic winner in our midst.

Janine Mann