Cost of by-election would part fund public toilets

Your correspondent Mr Woolmer has letters in both of your today’s papers about his duty to express an opinion on the above.

Strictly speaking this by-election could have been avoided if Mr O’Reirdon had simply done as another councillor recently did and changed sides while continuing to sit, or the council could have been given the opportunity to co-opt a Polegate resident.

This would, as he says, have saved the cost of about £6,000 which will be carried by the council tax payers of Polegate.

This equates to about 50 per cent of the annual cost of maintaining the present public lavatories that the district council wish to close and the PRA (Polegate Residents Association) are determined to keep open.

Could it possibly be that your correspondent is the same P Woolmer of Polegate who called this by-election? I think we should be told.

Cllr Michael Clewett