Couldn’t get any worse

Norman Baker can rest assured that the proposed boundary changes will not have an adverse effect on Newhaven because the town is now in terminal decline and it is impossible to imagine how things could deteriorate further.

From incompetent planning decisions that began with a ring-road isolating the town centre and becoming a grid-locked nightmare, and more recently the partial opening of the high street (why?); the refusal to help local traders by introducing free parking; an unsightly, dangerous incinerator to deal with everyone else’s rubbish, and accompanying lorry movements; the siting of the outlet for Brighton and Hove’s sewerage; an inadequate library which, incredibly, replaced a larger, superior one; the closure of the beach; the saturation of new housing without any thought to the local infrastructure; the demolition of old buidlings such as Saxonholme and resulting eyesore; the lack of any indoor leisure facilities, with the exception of the swimming pool that was built with public donations. Local politicians and civil servants have not simply ignored Newhaven but have actively used it as a dumping ground for anything unpleasant that they do not want inflicted on any other town.

And as for where all the money is spent, a quick glance at Lewes answers that question perfectly. Facts speak louder than words, Mr Baker. Newhaven, and its residents, have been treated appallingly and to be separated from the county town is the very least of our problems.

Jayne Bates, Newhaven