Council fails to send clear message on Uckfield parking

Naturally I was disappointed that my motion regarding the improvements to Uckfield High Street was defeated at the town council meeting on Monday evening, albeit by a casting vote by the mayor.

However, one of my main objectives in tabling this motion was to enable the town council to fully debate this important issue for the town which proved to be very successful with most councillors contributing together with some valuable comments from members of the public.

During the debate it became clear that the aspects relating to parking enforcement and the introduction of 20mph speed limit were generally supported but that the support for retaining at least 25 on-street car parking spaces was the main item under scrutiny.

Therefore, I can only assume that the six councillors that voted against the motion are in favour of 24 or fewer spaces in the High Street. The other issue raised was that this motion should have been tabled after the parish poll on March 12.

Unfortunately, I have no control over the dates of town council meetings as these are set well in advance. The next full council meeting is on April 20 and I felt that this would be too late to influence the revised plan for the High Street which is due to be published in May. I did receive one major piece of good news at the start of the debate when it was confirmed that the 20mph speed limits for Church Street and the High Street have already been agreed and after I had campaign so long for road safety improvements in Church Street this was very reassuring.

It is a pity that the town council have failed to send a clear message to residents and traders on its position regarding the High Street but at least the views of the six councillors that supported the motion are clear.

Cllr Paul Sparks