Council offices decision not in local interests

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As a UKIP councillor on Polegate Town Council, I wish to raise concerns that the majority of the Polegate Residents Association and all of the Liberal Democrat councillors voted to look at extending the Wannock

Memorial Grounds pavilion for use as council offices.

The issue has come to a head as the council finds itself in a similar predicament to many other councils up and down the country. Our offices are not accessible for disabled people. We have to take action to remedy this.

Several options were open to councillors.

The best option, in the opinion of myself and Cllr O’Riordan, was to convert the existing offices in the high street.

In a move that is not in the interests of Polegate residents, Cllr Tim Voyce, backed by the Lib Dems in the person of Cllr Chris Berry, proposed to have the option struck out.

The Lib Dem/PRA/Shing alliance successfully passed this proposal. Only the UKIP member and two clear-thinking PRA members voted against.

To compound this appalling decision, the Lib Dem/Polegate Residents Association group then voted again to approve looking into the expansion of and move to the Wannock site.

This is despite bad feelings generated when the Polegate Resident Association voted to spend thousands of pounds fighting their own residents on the village green proposal for the site.

To clarify that, Polegate Town Council spent thousands on legal fees fighting a proposal by well-meaning local residents wanting to protect a war memorial.

This nonsensical move was proposed by none other than Cllr Tim Voyce and Cllr Don Broadbent (Lib Dem). I, as the UKIP member, opposed the move with two PRA members.

I can only express dismay at the lack of clear thinking and profligate spending that the PRA, supported by their Lib Dem allies, wish to incur.

The intransigence of the PRA has alienated two knowledgeable and passionate residents, both now unwilling to help the council.

The explicit inclusion of the move to the Wannock site will only make Polegate residents suspicious of the town council’s intentions. All this when we should be concentrating on jobs, infrastructure and opportunity for Polegate’s residents.

Cllr Edward Board