Council should act on this

I read your story about parking at Polegate Station with interest.

Last July I parked in the far end of the car park to catch a train to London. I paid the parking fee for the day at the Southern Trains/Indigo meter close to where I parked. It transpired that this was the meter for the wrong car park operator; I was in a space operated by StarPark. Since then I have been harassed by StarPark, with calls, texts and letters from them, debt collection agencies and solicitors. I have argued that StarPark should erect signs around their car park to make clear the spaces for which they are responsible. I have suggested to them that possibly they chose not to do this so that they can extort fines from innocent users like me who paid the fee in good faith. I feel so strongly about this issue that I am prepared to go to court. The last solicitor letter I received told me I will soon receive a date for the County Court hearing. Possibly attendance at that hearing by local press would force pressure on the operator to put up signs in the car park, a cheap and simple solution to avoid people being subject to fines and harassment.

Your article states that the county council have had many complaints about the car parks; I am surprised and disappointed that the council has not acted to force StarParks to erect signs.

Jennifer Winter