Councillor is missing the point over bus cuts

Cllr Jim Sheppard (letters, February 20) has missed the point about his recent vote to cut bus services in his own county council division.

The cutting of bus services in Plumpton will be noticed – for example by pensioners who depend on it for getting into Lewes and students going to the Agricultural College.

I fully back improvements to the bus stop at St George’s retirement home – and let’s not forget that Lib Dem Norman Baker MP wrote to the county council to support residents’ call for wheelchair access to the buses before the Conservatives got involved. But Cllr Sheppard neglected to mention that the bus stop at St George’s is also served by the 824 bus – which was one of the services he voted to cut.

So I was angry to see Cllr Sheppard posing as a saviour of local bus services, when in fact he and his Conservative chums – disgracefully with support from a UKIP councillor – had just voted to take the axe to them.

All councils have had less in central government grant but East Sussex County Council had a choice not to slash bus services. For example, he conveniently “forgets” to mention that, for example, East Sussex have spent an extra £3 million on the Bexhill/Hastings link road – now costing over £100 million. They could have kept these costs under control and not had to cut a single bus service in the county.

Cllr Sheppard should indeed have been a “good guy”, stood up for his local area and voted against these cuts.

Cllr Sarah Osborne

Lib Dem Councillor for

Plumpton and East Chiltington