Councillors make work/life balance

I’d like to thank my colleague Rod Main for his letter aimed at Cllr Charlton, setting out for him the history of why Newhaven has the incinerator and who it was that forced it upon us.

His knowledge of local government appears to be sadly lacking. Including it seems, his understanding about the time required to actually be a Councillor. If he’d had researched it better, he may have realised that those of us who are serving members have to balance our working life, as well as our family and social time, in order to carry out our duties. On District Council we receive a paltry sum for the hours we spend and on Town Council at Newhaven, absolutely nothing. Knowing that however, I and my colleagues put ourselves forward. I’m sure that the over £10K he now receives as a County Councillor will better recompense him and nicely top up any salary he may receive, although if he’s in receipt of benefits and still unfortunately out of work, it will of course not help him much. A little more research and he may not have also been caught out whilst attending our Town Planning Committee and having to have explained to him what 106 contributions from the Incinerator actually were. Most of Newhaven could tell you that all we got was the promise of £1 million of trees to try and hide it.

He now appears to be turning his attention on our MP and giving us a European history lesson.

Get on with doing what you’ve been elected for - serving the community as a County Councillor and doing the things you can do on that stage. Let your leader Mr. Farage carry on with all his one man protestations. Like all good extreme right wing leaders of history, he doesn’t seem to like too many of his troops stealing the limelight, so best to keep a low profile. The residents will be a lot happier when you’ve earned their respect though action and not empty talk.

Let’s see some letters showing what you and your colleagues are actually doing and actually achieving. I for one will be more impressed.

Cllr Steve Saunders