Councils’ presence urged at Splash Point meeting

You carried two interesting articles relating to Seaford Seafront; first Lewes District Council’s clear (and long awaited) acceptance of responsibility for Splash Point promenade and, second, East Sussex County Council’s proactive involvement in the cycle track extension along the Promenade.

Both of these issues are very important locally and the solid endorsement by LDC and ESCC in recognition of this is very welcome.

As we appear to be on a role here each of these two councils may like to know that the next meeting with the Environment Agency to continue discussions on the future maintenance of the beach (without which neither Splash Point or the Promenade would exist) is taking place at Seaford Town Council offices, Church Street, on April 30, starting at 2pm.

It would be very pleasing to see representatives of the two councils at the meeting. Sadly to date I can only remember one meeting where an LDC member was present – as far as I recall no representative of ESCC has ever attended.

Jim Skinner