County elections - last Thursday was a game changer

Back in 2009 when the East Sussex County Council elections were last fought, the UK Independence Party gained fewer than 3,000 votes within the boundaries of Lewes Parliamentary Constituency, and won no seats.

In last week’s election, UKIP gained well over 6,000 votes here and won county council seats for the first time.

But this ‘peasant’s revolt’ in Lewes is even more dramatic than it at first appears as it rewarded UKIP with more votes than were gained by either the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats.

Traditionally the local electoral battle has been played out over the years between these two establishment parties, with no one else getting a look-in.

Last Thursday was a game changer and in terms of votes UKIP is now top in Lewes Constituency with the Conservatives running second and the Liberal Democrats third.

Norman Baker must be looking forward to the 2015 General Election with some trepidation. But as a bit of a rebel himself, and as an excellent constituency MP, I am sure he would be welcomed with open arms if he defected to UKIP now, well before that ominous date with destiny.

John Harvey