Crazy decisions in Newhaven costing us money

I read with interest your article (Sussex Express, Newhaven edition, August 9) about Newhaven getting a new primary school next to Tideway School.

Pity they pulled a primary school down from next to Tideway a few years ago.

It’s then reported that they are going to build a new fire station on ‘spare land’ in Newhaven Town Centre where 43 years ago the old fire station stood before moving to Fort Road.

Talk about daft decisions, and costing rate payers money for both projects, when all we want is our beach back, that has been taken from us, a town centre that we no longer have, because they took away our lovely old bridge and put a ring road in that killed it.

About 40 years ago a company wanted to buy the rights to excavate the shingle on land between Newhaven and Bishopstone and when finished after 10 years they would return it to Newhaven with it being a lake with pleasure facilities for all to use. The council said it would cause too much traffic. That would not have cost the council one penny but what we have now has certainly cost a ‘pretty’ penny.

Shirley Harrop