Creating some faux-heritage site in Lewes

Hoorah! At least we’ve managed to flush six of these siren Voices out into the open – wonder how many more of them there might be who are still too embarrassed to own up?

Why they should all be so shy of publicity I don’t know as it’s the one thing they desperately need for any of their off-planet schemes to come to fruition.

I thought I recognised Roger Dean’s line, so no wonder it all seems like a drug-induced dragon’s dream.

Personally, I was never into Yes, more of a Led Zeppelin & Rolling Stones man m’self – and one tends to grow out of sci-fi, eventually.

But at least with a graphic artist of Mr Dean’s international renown on board (having a famous name on board helps, national treasure David Attenborough swung it for Chris Gustie’s turbine folly) all those balding, pony-tailed hippies with shelves full of prog-rock vinyl will be falling over themselves to lend their support.

Whether they’ll be prepared to pledge any money towards funding it is another matter - and there’s the rub.

Lewes is very good at organising parties for itself while standing around holding its collective hand out expecting the rest of us to pay for it all.

“Council Tax helps, of course.” (!) No matter how it might be funded, we the taxpayers will end up footing the bill one way or the other, even if indirectly – while receiving no real benefit from it.

If the Voices don’t have the nerve to mortage their homes and sell their souls to finance their cherished visions and yet still manage to convince the financiers that there’s serious money to be made, then we can all kiss goodbye to Lewes As We Know It.

Much as I - like everyone else - am fascinated by dinosaurs, the prospect of an all-singing, all-dancing, interactive / hyperactive Disneyfied Gideon Mantell’s Iguanadon World fills me with absolute dread. Call me old-fashioned – I don’t mind – but surely a blue plaque and Harveys’ “Georgian Dragon” is tribute enough to a trailblazing Sussex scientist?

Preserving our heritage in order to ensure that visitors have something to gawp at inbetween spending their tourist dollars in our unrivalled collection of olde-worlde charitie shoppes is all very well – but I baulk at the suggestion that we should be inventing brand-new faux-heritage sites to sucker them in.

Clive Hobden

Ringmer (still not quite Lewes - not just yet)