Criticism of NHS unfounded

I write to comment on the anti-NHS rant by UKIP’s Alan Latham in last week’s letters.

While I sympathise with Latham’s exposure to retention, it is hardly a life threatening condition, and I can quite understand some reluctance to send an ambulance and provide other back-up with the speed that Latham seems to think he is entitled to. It certainly doesn’t justify the overlong description of each stage of his tribulations. (And in case he is wondering, yes, I have experienced the condition myself.)

Astonishingly, Latham then goes on to attribute the alleged lapses in the treatment provided by the NHS to immigration (surprise, surprise!) and the increasing birth rate.

As is well known, the vast majority of immigrants are young and come here to work. They therefore contribute to the NHS through their taxes, but make much less use of the facilities than the average. And I wonder what kind of state our health and caring services would be in without the manpower provided by these young incomers.

On birth rate, Latham makes the rather enigmatic statement that he ‘leaves your readers to draw their own conclusions’. Is he by any chance referring to that other urban myth that ‘it’s all those unmarried teenagers who get pregnant so that they can get a council flat’? I hope that this is not what he had in mind as again it is totally unfounded in fact.

My own recent experience of the NHS is in relation to a serious accident that happened to our three-year-old granddaughter. My family will be eternally grateful for the professional expertise and affectionate care provided by the NHS that enabled her to come through a very difficult experience.

Lord help the rest of us if Latham and his ilk ever get into positions of real power in this country.

Tony Sims