Crowborough’s vital meeting on pressing issues

I am writing to you as a private individual and one of the 10 people who signed the notice calling a town meeting on Monday, January 12.

It will be held at the Crowborough Community Centre starting at 7.30pm.

I think it is a relatively rare event that a group of electors use the legislation that allows a special town meeting to be called.

This does, of course, reflect the strength of feeling surrounding the issues to be discussed which will include the future of Wealden District Council’s former offices at Pine Grove, the potential loss of parking spaces, and WDC’s complete lack of consultation with Crowborough residents or the town council on planning issues. I would also expect there to be strong support for retaining the Pine Grove site as employment land in line with the planning application submitted by the Crowborough Community Association for an Enterprise Hub.

This is all against a background of Wealden District Council’s intention of selling the Pine Grove site to an international developer to build retirement flats. It would result in the demolition of the former Wealden District Council offices and library which wrap round the community centre just six metres away, leaving the future of the town’s library in doubt.

The flats development would also absorb more than 200 car parking spaces in the area which is against the wishes of the town council and most people in Crowborough.

The notice calling the town meeting says it will discuss:

The threat to Crowborough and the Community Centre from proposed residential development on the Pine Grove offices site; the loss of town centre parking and the loss of employment opportunities; the impact of housing development on Crowborough’s roads; how to secure the long-term future of the Community Centre, the library, employment, parking and the vibrancy of the town centre.

Roger Bishop