Cycle parking space is an opportunity wasted

It’s a shame that an initiative such as freeing up a car parking space for bicycles under covered parking has been so poorly realised.

I originally suggested this while working in sustainability at Lewes District Council and then again as part of a Cycle Parking survey to East Sussex County Council for Cycle Lewes. It’s great it has been followed up but it’s also symptomatic of a wider approach to sustainable transport in which nothing joins up or works effectively.

The new parking space in Friars Walk Car Park is difficult to access for cyclists, who have to manoeuvre around reversing cars and has been filled with shopping trolleys every time I’ve been there. It is a wasted opportunity. There are existing bike parking stands at the edge of the carpark where an adjacent car parking space could have been used. And more stands could have been fitted in this space than they ended up with.

There are existing bike stands in Lewes that are not used, possibly because no one knows they’re there. Maybe some signage? There is inadequate bike parking such as the rubbish stands outside Waitrose. There are also places where new bike parking is needed such as outside the Post Office and on Cliffe Street. Sort it out.

Matthew Bird