Cycle path - it’s not rocket science!

Here we go – those desperate, single-issue, cycle-path-obsessed LibDems (Sussex Express, May 16) again.

Where’s the attraction in a cycle path from Ringmer to Lewes which requires us to cycle uphill? The best part of the ride along the B2192 has always been coasting downhill to Earwig Corner. Now even the LibDems can’t agree on the ‘final’ route among themselves. Chris Bowers thinks it will be ‘fantastic’ if the route is completed uphill through the nature reserve and down a crowded Mill Road to the top of Malling Hill.

Then, on the other hand, there’s Rosalyn St Pierre bleating that it’ll be dangerous with more cyclists having to rejoin an already busy highway! Well, duh!

You’ve made it unnecessarily dangerous already by expecting cyclists to cross the road on a corner by the electricity substation outside Ringmer. The main problem remains the junction of the A26 and B2192 at Earwig Corner. It has needed a roundabout for decades. Not long ago, Alan Grindley, bless him, came up with a very elegantly designed proposal to cure all the traffic problems at this junction with consideration for cyclists too. I rather liked it – but I suspect that there was much grinding of teeth and buttock-clenching among the planners and highways agency

bodies as the ‘Too Difficult/Too Expensive’ lights came on simultaneously. For goodness’ sake – it’s only a cycle path! Not exactly rocket science, is it? There aren’t even any moving parts on a cycle path – and there certainly aren’t many bicycles moving along the half-a-cycle-path at present.

And the LibDems expect us to vote them into Europe when they make such a three-ring song and dance about failing to deliver a simple cycle path? I do wonder why they are the only ones so exercised about it; none of the other parties seem that bothered. In a town so supposedly green as Lewes one might expect everyone to pledge their undying support, yet the Greens and the Friends of Lewes don’t seem particularly keen.

Perhaps because it’s seen as a purely daft as a brush LibDem initiative and no one else wants to be tarred with it? Seriously, I begin to wonder if this is merely a fiendish plan cooked up by the LibDems – homicidal cyclepaths, all of ‘em– to kill off a few more cyclists and thus do away with the problem altogether, as the more grown up, hard core and aggressive kamikaze cyclists will continue to travel via

Earwig Corner, as Chris Bowers seems to advocate. And good luck to ‘em, I say – so they should.

Clive Hobden,

East of Earwig