Cycling on Seaford Promenade - we could follow the Brighton model

The letter from Andy Lock (November 15) is an interesting contribution to the troubled debate about the joint use of Seaford Promenade by both cyclists and pedestrians.

However, in his reference to the Undercliff Walk between Saltdean and Brighton Marina there were two important points missing, which I believe might help convince the doubters.

Firstly, along the length of this popular and widely used path there are notices clearly indicating that pedestrians have priority, and secondly, around the café/toilets area at Ovingdean Gap there is a short “Pedestrians Only” zone where cyclists are required to dismount and push their bikes through what amounts to a pinch point.

If such policies were adopted in Seaford, perhaps with “Pedestrian Only” zones around Frankies Café, the Martello Tower, and the adjacent toilets/refreshments area where walkers tend to congregate, I suspect the idea of joint use would be much less feared.

Although in general I support Norman Baker’s attempts to limit the proliferation of unnecessary street signs and don’t like seeing too many “do this/don’t do that” notices cluttering the footpath, on this occasion I think they would be justified.

I hope representatives of Seaford Town Council and ESCC will visit the Undercliff Walk and check how it’s done there.

David Swaysland