Cyclists on Seaford Promenade - we need a referendum

At what time and place of any council or committee of Seaford Town Council was cycling along Seaford Promenade on the agenda, agreeing to allow for a trial period next year for a shared path – this, with pedestrians during a period from Easter throughout the summer of 2014.

I would like to know why the town council will be collecting data on October 5, 7 and 13. Why was data not taken during summer 2013? Was it because fewer people will be using the Promenade in October.

I have always been against cycling on the Prom and I’m not the only person objecting to the proposal.

The town clerk, Sam Shippen’s statement saying it could prove controversial for some, is correct, as well as the statement saying people are breaking the law by cycling along the promenade.

This could have been stopped years ago if more signs had been put up saying No Cycling and at each entrance to the Promenade, a ‘No Cycling’ sign painted on the ground.

This would have been very clear about the restriction and of the law in place. Fines should have taken place. As cycling is against the law on the Prom, will the town council be breaking the law during the trial or will the law be suspended for the duration of the trial?

Who will be responsible for health and safety on the Promenade and any accidents on shared Prom that takes place during the trial and permanent if passed?

In the future will the town council’s public liability insurance pay out any claims? The town council should send out referendum forms to all Seaford addresses for residents to get a say on shared Promenade. Cycling should be on the road only.

Mr E W Hill Seaford