‘Debris’ in Winterbourne stream comprises living organisms

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May I respond to Lynne Tunley’s letter (September 13).

The so-called ‘weeds’ and debris in the Winterbourne stream that so offends her urban sensibilities, are in fact living organisms – plants such as the great willowherb, Alexanders, water dropwort, elder, hedge bindweed, water sock, and this year even the uncommon figwort, all struggling to survive in a streambed covered in concrete.

They are now, of course, coming to the end of their growing cycle, hence the ‘mess’.

Throughout the spring and summer their flowers have brightened the walk to Rotten Row, and the plants themselves have provided food for numerous insects, as well as a home for a pair of mallards.

No doubt the Environment Agency will come along shortly, as they always do, and clear away the organic ‘debris’ that so offends Ms Tunley.

She can then return to admiring the sterile concrete that paves the streambed.

Brian Morris