Decline in our hospitals

We hear of great concerns being raised about the Sussex County Hospital, the building on the front being very outdated as it was built during Victorian times.

We cannot keep adding on to it as it will not stand much more development.

We already have the children’s hospital, maternity and many other departments there.

Lord Warner wants to introduce a charge to go to hospitals. This will be a form of privatisation like before the war when you paid half-a-crown to see a doctor.

Since the govemment placed it in the hands of trusts, this has incurred large hospital debts and bad management.

People also need to change their way of life to avoid many trips to hospital.

There is a damning report every day on neglect in hospitals and nursing homes.

Action is urgently needed now. Bring back the matron for hospital cleanliness.

What is also needed is a large plot of land to build a brand new hospital with a modern design without stairs, and lifts for future years with designs which would be much cheaper to finance in the long run.

We have the technology.

D Myles