Decline in traditional post service

A sticker has appeared on local postboxes: “From September 15, 2014, the final collection from this postbox will be made no earlier than 9am. Monday to Friday

and 7am on Saturday. The latest collection time for this area is shown on the postbox notice.”

I spoke to a postman about this and he could not really explain what it meant. It almost looks as if yesterday’s post will not be collected until after 9am (or 7am) today.

What he did tell me is that the way post is being collected is being re-organised and that in some places in the town boxes will only be emptied once a day. Such is the decline in the use of post now.

I still use post quite a bit. However I have recently started an email ‘service’ for those who like music (mainly classical) and I regularly send out about 175 brief details of local events (if you want to be on my list, send me an email). This takes but minutes. I could never have contemplated doing this by post. Also I find that many companies send out their Annual Reports by e-mail now, to save post. One such, ironically, is Royal Mail.

Mind you I shall probably still send some 150 Christmas cards as usual this year. It really is rather pleasant to send and receive these personal greetings with a scribble (Who the heck is that?) in actual ink.

In passing, most people do not realise that email addresses are not case sensitive.

Michael Plumbe

The Bourne