Defection of Seaford’s deputy mayor marks milestone for UKIP

This week marks a milestone in the growth of The UK Independence Party locally. With the defection to UKIP of the Deputy Mayor of Seaford, Terry Goodman, the Party now has more councillors than any other opposition group on Seaford Town Council, and so becomes the main opposition.  Cllr Goodman is a hardworking and dedicated member of the Seaford community and we warmly welcome him into ‘The People’s Party’.

But the significance of Cllr Goodman’s move goes much deeper for two reasons.  Firstly, he was attracted to UKIP because the Party allows its councillors to vote on local issues according to their consciences, and to the wishes of local people. 

This is in marked contrast to the Conservatives, Lib Dems, and Labour who usually instruct their councillors on how to vote, and any councillor who disobeys orders is in real trouble. 

Secondly it is worth remembering that Nick Clegg’s Lib Dems were once the main opposition group on Seaford Town Council. 

But that is now just a fading memory as the Lib Dems sink into obscurity both locally and across the rest of the country. With the local elections coming up next May UKIP in Seaford is the Party of the future.

Cllr Alan Latham

Chairman UKIP Lewes