Delivery vans clog up streets

‘Order online and have goods delivered to your door’ is all very well but it does mean there are a lot more large vans clogging up our streets.

Where the streets are narrow, as in the Old Town, this can be a nuisance. On a recent night I was driving up the High Street behind a van which suddenly stopped. The driver then laboriously took one, then another, crate to a front door. The door was opened, the goods were taken in and signed for, and the crates were taken back to the van.

All this took nearly 10 minutes. As I was late, I was not best pleased. Nor were the drivers in the queue by then behind me.

I do so much prefer local shopping. One day last week I went to Queen’s Arcade, where I always shop. I found I had not brought my wallet. Without question Marcia (greengrocer) and Jim (fishmonger) gave me credit ‘until tomorrow’. Tell me where else I could have had this service?

Michael Plumbe

The Bourne