Democracy did not end in 2016

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Cllr Dr Latham would have been better advised challenging the points made in my earlier letter but perhaps he wasn’t able to.

Instead, he indulges in angry bluster against me for things I have never said or thought. In so doing he reveals the poverty of his case. I have had challenging yet respectful debates with Brexit supporters, but this is not one of them.

For the record, I have accepted the referendum result and accept there are quite valid reasons for supporting Brexit, even if I do not agree with them.

However, democracy and freedom of speech did not come to end in June 2016 and to expect or require all remain voters and supporters to go along with something with which we disagree and we think is potentially an “own goal” is a ridiculous concept which has no place in the UK.

Indeed, it has echoes of totalitarianism.

There is still no agreed “negotiating position” after over two years apart, possibly, from “cake and eat it” so that hasn’t gone well at all, which is why I pointed out it’s a shambles.

I didn’t expect the hardline Brexiteers to accept responsibility for their “Project Fantasy” and, sadly, Cllr Dr Latham, at least, proves that view right as their economic case crumbles, like a rather squashed cake, before our eyes.

Let us hope, for all our sakes, that some grown up commonsense still prevails in our Parliament and there is a way out of this self-induced mess.

The way out is certainly not the angry rants from correspondents such as Cllr Dr Alan Latham.

Hugh Redgewell

High Street,