Democracy is fragile - make sure you vote

The Electoral Commission said recently that almost a million voters have gone “missing”. One of the causes is that students now have to register to vote individually, rather than being registered en masse if they lived in halls of residence.

Another reason, of course, is apathy. Some people simply can’t be bothered. Presumably these either don’t know, or don’t care, that people have died in the past in order to get everyone a vote.

Young people between 16 and 24, the website generation, are the biggest group of non-voters, yet it is so easy to register. Simply access It’s quick and easy.

Naturally, I’d like people of all ages to vote Lib Dem! But I’d rather they voted for somebody than stayed at home. Democracy is fragile. If most people do not vote, then there is always a danger of a takeover by a dedicated minority. Remember Hitler gained power through the ballot box.

It’s too late to moan and groan at an election result if you haven’t voted.

Alan Whittaker

Lib Dem councillor, Uckfield