Development consultation has been disappointing

The Lewes Community Land Trust is entitled to their opinion in endorsing Santon’s proposals for the North Street/Phoenix industrial estate (Sussex Express 8 May 2015),

However, the CLT’s claim that the developer will provide adequate flood defences for the Pells neighbourhood - the last undefended cell in Lewes - does not reflect the views of most Pells residents themselves.

More than 100 households in the Pells have expressed their concerns and attended meetings to make our voices heard by the developer and local authorities.

As a result, flood defences were promised for the Pells in Phase 1 of the development, not Phase 3 as now stated in Santon’s planning application.

Instead, they propose to defend only their own site in Phases 1 and 2, thereby increasing the risk of flooding in the Pells area, which was badly flooded in 2000.

The commitment of the developer to protect the Pells in the distant future of Phase 3 are perhaps questionable.

Furthermore, Santon’s flood defence plans are vague and do not address the potential problem of drainage water building up behind the defences - something residents have asked about repeatedly and which the developer promised to investigate.

Finally, CLT claims that adequate road infrastructure will be provided.

However, Pells residents have expressed numerous concerns about increased traffic and ‘rat runs’ through the neighbourhood during and after construction.

No traffic mitigation for the Pells is evident in the plans.

Despite assurances from Santon over a year ago regarding both flooding and traffic, our concerns have not been addressed and the developer has failed to communicate since July 2014.

In all, the consultation process with those of us living closest to the site has been very disappointing.