Development despite the Tories, not because of them

Last week Maria Caulfield of the Conservatives said that “both ... council[s] should be congratulated for bringing much needed jobs to the area” when referring to the developments in Newhaven. While the developments in education, employment and services are laudable they are despite not because of the Conservatives.

It is this Tory government that has failed to spend European Union development money, turned down EU money for food banks and is the only EU government not to submit plans to tackle youth unemployment.

Labour has constantly called for action on issues such as hunger and unemployment but despite all evidence to the contrary the Conservatives, led by Ian Duncan-Smith, have denied that food banks or youth unemployment are issues in the UK.

Newhaven has the highest young unemployment and child poverty of any town in the constituency according to East Sussex County Council’s own figures. This could have been tackled faster if the Tories used the money that is available and already paid for by our tax pounds.

In contrast Labour has laid out plans including a youth jobs’ guarantee (which I have helped implement with some success in both Ireland and Spain). It is the Conservatives who have failed to improve the lives of people in Newhaven; nothing for them to feel self satisfied about.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle

Lewes Constituency Labour Party