Development - East Sussex County Council not doing enough

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I am not sure if anyone is aware, but Wealden has just issued its committee report for February 27, with the proposed next version of the site allocations for Crowborough.

The Mead car park is allocated for 91 dwellings (subject to SANGS), so there would seem to be little notice being taken thus far of local concern about loss of parking.

Land at Walshes Road is allocated for 160 (subject to SANGS), although I do not think the traffic survey of Western Road has been published yet, and the allocation is subject to suitable highway works when they have been identified – which seems to me to keep the cart well in front of the horse.

There are three other small sites allocated – two for six houses (one of which is in St Johns Road, and thus almost on the Forest – how is SANGS going to stop those people from going to the Forest for a walk – and I am now even more confused as the council refused planning permission on the site a year ago).

Another is for ten houses – an extension to the McCarthy and Stone site on Crowborough Hill (all subject to SANGS, of course).

Although I have other interests in the overall issue of development, my view is that the council is still doing the least it can to improve the overall situation and in many senses is making things worse for lack of imagination (or lack of will, if one takes the view that what really lies behind all this is a desire to prevent development as much as possible).

The documents are on the council’s website if anyone wants to look at them.

Andy Stevens