Development - Need for transparancy

Regarding the letter of Cllr Mrs Jill Voyce replying to Cllr Edward Board’s letter of 7th June.

First one has to take Polegate Residents Association (PRA) as a whole, within it there are those who do have some vision for Polegate whom I consider are held down by the others.

It is interesting that Mrs Voyce claims the credit for the PRA going out on a limb to prevent the Honey Farm development. When the proposal was first discussed PRA supported the development. Somehow that view changed.

In the past I have questioned PRA Cllrs for either abstaining, voting for or against a particular issue, the response has been, ’it is the majority decision of Polegate Town Council’, [PTC]. So how come that suddenly everything that is apparently worthwhile is down to the PRA and nor PTC?

As PRA have a majority within PTC they are always going to have the capacity to carry forward their preferred options.

Now they claim any success as theirs alone, well bully for them. Pinch of salt anyone!

At small town level politics any group having a majority is decidedly not healthy and leads to that group being allowed to follow its own agenda.

There is a lack of openness and transparency within PRA and while certain Cllrs continue to be elected that will continue.

I also regularly attend PTC meetings and it is not just Cllr Board who is absent on many occasions.

If I didn’t consider that some of the matters placed before council were worth going for, I would still go for the entertainment value, the quality of some meetings makes The Vicar of Dibley look like a 3rd rate comedy.

There is frequently a lack of quality debate to flesh out agenda items, which can only lead to the belief that many issues have a predetermined outcome. That is how majorities work.

I urge the public to attend Council meetings, if only to see whether or not your views are being represented. Check first though to make sure it’s not a ‘Confidential’ session.

It is only through the vigilance of some inhabitants of Polegate that certain matters have come into the open.

While referring to Government, Cllr Board stated: “There is almost no depth to which they will not stoop to sweep aside those who stand in their way”.

Cllr Board, you are still a young man, politics is like that all the way down to the lowliest council, get used to it. There are however some excellent MPs and Cllrs.

I would describe PTC as blinkered rather than Rudder Less.

Paul Woolmer