Did they read letter?

I ENJOYED reading the responses to my letter, although Paul Newman flatters me by saying that I have discovered the verses in Matthew and Leviticus.

These verses have been known by millions of people over the centuries, and have certainly not just been discovered by me.

And surely he can work out for himself what is supposed to have gone on in Gomorrah. But then, people frequently ridicule that which they do not understand.

However, I do wonder whether he and W J McIlroy actually read my letter. Paul Newman definitely implies that I would like to see all homosexuals killed. Where on earth did he get that idea from? What I said was that we are all sinners, and, just as Jesus did not condemn sinners, neither should we. It would take a much more subtle mind that I possess to take that as meaning that I want to kill people. Perhaps Paul Newman can tell me how he arrived at this conclusion, and also where he got his ‘Does Jesus hate gays’ idea from.

W J McIlroy says that I complained that ‘people who try to live a Christian way of life are being persecuted’. I made not such complaint. Many people, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, have done so, but all I said was that Christians should not be surprised at being persecuted, and there is a lot of evidence that they are, as Jesus had forecast this two thousand years ago. Neither do I go to church, although I can understand why W J McIlroy assumed that I do.

The reason I wrote my letter was because it was obvious that Catherine Joughin would receive a lot of criticism. Like it or not, the Bible and Jesus clearly say that any form of sexual activity, apart from that between husband and wife, is sinful. All that Catherine Joughin was saying was that the Church of England, as a Christian organization, should not even consider making homosexual men bishops.

For that she has been called evil, and subjected to other abuse. Personally, I don’t care what people get up to in private, as long as it is between consenting adults.

I just wanted to give Catherine some support. It is such a shame that no member of the clergy could do the same.

Mr G N Evans, Eastbourne