Ditchling Beacon car park where the computer often says no!

I’m sure when they have finished work at Ditchling Beacon car park, it will be much improved.

I do hope they change the method of payment though. Currently, the only way to pay is by using your mobile phone to ‘speak’ to an automated system where you’re required to give your registration number and card details. The trouble is, there is very poor mobile phone reception up there and it is often so windy that trying to make the computer understand a registration number is extremely difficult. One can easily spend the majority of the afternoon fighting with the computer, by which time it is so cold the urge to go for a walk can easily pass! This Sunday, I certainly wasn’t the only one struggling. A rather shambolic system that could surely be improved by being able to pay by cash/card and then being issued a ticket, like 90 percent of other car parks.

Nick Taylor