Ditchling Common Country Park footpaths covered in cow dung is outrageous

I walked my dog on Ditchling Common Country Park recently, but I was unable to get into the main Bluebell field at the normal entrance, as it was guarded by cattle.

Two people walking in the woods were also fearful of venturing into the Bluebell field with their dogs, even though they had regularly done so for the past 12 years. I went around the cattle and entered at the next gate. The bluebell field was totally devoid of people, or families enjoying the warm autumn evening, and who can blame them.

Then, carefully picking my way through the cow dung which was all over the main footpath, I arrived at a bench which enjoys spectacular views of the Country Park, the pond, the distant views of the downs towards Jack and Jill, in short, the Sussex countryside at its best. The problem was that it was not possible to sit down, as the foot well of the bench was plastered in cow dung. This is an outrage. Who is responsible and who is going to clear it up?

D W McBeth