Does anyone recognise this picture?


I WONDER if any readers might be able to identify the people and/or the place and/or the occasion that is the subject of this photograph.

The only thing that I am certain of is that the people second and third from the left are William & Dorothy Steadman, who lived on the Landport Estate in Lewes.

William died in 1953, so the picture is before then! I also know that William worked for Russell & Bromley. It is possible (but by no means certain) that the people on the extreme right and left are Bob Towner and Mrs Towner.

Bob Towner also worked for Russell & Bromley.

The reason I am so interested is that William and Dorothy Steadman were my grandparents, and I have a pile of photographs to sort through and identify!

I would be very grateful for any hints. It is my view that this photograph was taken by a professional (note the reflection of the flash in the mirror) as not many people had access to flash photography in those days.

It is also numbered on the back, as if it were part of a series. I look forward to some answers.

Neil Steadman, Bexhill