Does UKIP have no grasp of international events?

Thank goodness UKIP don’t control energy policy, or indeed anything else (letters, 21 March.)

The same week Putin invades Crimea, UKIP suggest we stop wind farm investment.

Have they no grasp on international events, and the consequences for energy security?

Much of Europe’s gas comes from Russia through Ukraine, and right now it’s under threat.

In January 2009, 13 days of Russian gas interruption immediately affected gas prices worldwide. UKIP has conveniently forgotten gas is a world commodity. Fortunately the Russians don’t control the wind.

Some UKIP councillors are climate change deniers; hence their aversion to wind farms. But this winter saw the longest flooding ever in the UK.

Lewes and Newhaven narrowly avoided flooding in February. Four of the five wettest ever years have happened since 1999 (Tonight, ITV, March 20). Nine of the hottest 10 years have also occurred since 2000.

So climate change is with us, and will get worse.

Ninety-seven percent of scientists believe climate change is man-made (Skeptical Science, 2013). UKIP should encourage wind farms and attack CO2 production.

Let’s get some energy price rise facts straight. Between 2006 and 2011 energy generation costs rose by 80 percent for gas, 75 percent nuclear, 70 percent offshore wind (from a high start) and only 40 percent for onshore wind (Rob Grass, Imperial College, 2014).

All government subsidies are only 15 percent of the fuel bill increase.

So UKIP’s linking last year’s winter deaths to government wind energy subsidy is sheer nonsense. Shame on you, UKIP, for emotional claptrap.

UKIP’s muddled solution to energy subsidy includes wave power. Wave motion is slow, random, high-force, oscillatory, and difficult to convert. Have UKIP even looked at current wave energy costs? This would need a huge government subsidy. But knocking government subsidy was what UKIP’s letter was about in the first place! How can anyone take them seriously?

Cllr Peter Gardiner

Liberal Democrat