Dog fouling in Denton is getting worse than ever

Dog fouling in Denton, particularly along the bridal path at the top of St Leonards Close, is becoming more of a problem for me and my immediate neighbours since the cost saving strategy of Lewes District Council (LDC) resulted in cut backs so that offenders no longer appear to be pursued.

As a responsible dog owner, I take the time to clear up after my two dogs but having visited locations around Newhaven I know this problem affects an increasing number of people.

For the seven years I’ve lived in Denton, it has become a sad but accepted fact that living adjacent to a bridal path used by local dog owners has seen the fouling problem getting steadily worse. Recently when my neighbour decided he’d had enough of the constant mess surrounding his property he took the matter up with Lewes District Council.

The response from the Dog Warden (of which we only have two for the whole area covered by LDC) has been typical of excuses used by local government following cuts made centrally ‘due to the deficit’ and ‘the recession’. While the Council is still happy enough to take our money through increasing council tax year on year the ‘cuts’ excuse is always there when you require their assistance. On the first visit the Dog Warden failed to explain clearly what evidence my neighbour needed to obtain to bring an end to this blight and on the return visit the Dog Warden pointed out the photograph of a dog fouling taken by my neighbour wasn’t enough evidence for them to speak with the owner. You can only imagine his disappointment and frustration. He was incensed. As a result LDC promised my neighbour the Council would act on the intelligence provided and stake out the path at the suggested times to catch the identified offender. This never happened. The excuse given was (you guessed it) ‘lack of resources as the LDC has cut the budget back’. Would you believe the Council, instead of actually facing this problem head on and putting some time and effort into solving a legitimate problem, is now talking about closing the bridal path instead. What an admission!

This is yet another example of local people let down by local government. Clearly it’s time for radical change. I want the people of Newhaven to have a positive choice for a meaningful change in local government away from any of the three old parties to a body that promises to listen and work for local people - UKIP.

Already although in a minority the relatively few UKIP councillors in the Lewes Constituency are making a difference where they can because they won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and are prepared to face what to some might seem trivial problems head on and solve them.

Simon Barnes