Don’t feed the seagulls on bread

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Further to last week’s letter regarding the state of Seaford seafront, I must point out that the misguided couple that feed large amounts of bread to the seagulls every evening and some afternoons close to the cafe at West Street , do not understand the damage done to the gulls or the mess left by the gulls over our cars, windows and pavement areas.

The same couple then drive off to their own homes leaving the mess they had encouraged.

I live on the seafront and am fully aware of the mess seagulls leave, but to encourage these birds to feed in numbers, sometimes exceeding 50 gulls in one place, and on a food that is unnatural to them does nothing for the seafront appearance, the gulls’

well-being, or the residents.

Two years ago, I contacted our local MP who took this matter up with the council because of a health concern being created so close to a cafe serving refreshments. But still the same couple carry on feeding the gulls.

P Hood,